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Happy 4th Of July!

As we gather with our friends and family To celebrate the independence of this great country. Take a moment to reminisce, about the amazing memories we all have with the freedoms we are blessed with! Every moment is precious and we must be thankful.

A special thank you to all those who go the extra mile to make this World and country a better place!

(AND A VERY BIG THANK YOU) To all the adoptive parents who have adopted kids awaiting a forever home.

Thank you Dad for Adopting all of us. You took on the challenge that most of the world couldn’t. Though this year has been so challenging with your Health. We are all so thankful and blessed to have you here with us. Independence Day has so much more meaning because of parents like you. Thank you for always believing, Encouraging, Motivating and Being the most thoughtful loving father that we could all ask for! One day you’ll look back at all these amazing memories And see the joy that you have given each and everyone of us.

Happy Fourth of July 🇺🇸

During the summer Texas can get so hot. And for those who keep kosher 7-Eleven has always had a variety of kosher products available. But there’s nothing like a nice cold delicious Slurpee during a hot day. What are some of your favorite flavors??? #slurplife #kosher #Summer #Hot #BeatTheHeat #7Eleven

Happy Father’s Day To the best dad in the world. I wish there was words to explain how amazing life has been since adoption day. We are all so blessed to be part of this amazing family. Having a father that is so supportive means everything. Though this year has had many challenges. We have felt Minimal impact because all the resources Abba had and has in place for us! We are all so thankful for you dad. We could never imagine life without you. We all love you so much happy Father’s Day! #BestDadEver


I'm Hayim Nissim father of....

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