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MAZEL TOV Avichai!!!!

What a special Day. As we celebrate and Honor your journey to Eagle. We all want you to know how proud of you we are. Today because of your example, we see that even in extraordinary times, we have the ability To break through barriers. You have been the example to show, that even in the face of adversity. One can succeed!

There are so many who could never imagine the obstacles that have been in your path on this Journey. As your big brother I look up to you in so many ways! Today you show the world. Regardless of who you are, Where you came from, Or what you believe, Or even what people think of you. Success is for everyone.

So often We as people can be blinded by our opinions or thoughts. Or what we want to believe. Or what we heard. We sometimes lose the blessings to be apart of such amazing Accomplishments.

With that said. I feel it’s Important as a family, To thank all of you who have Been a part of our life these last few years.

For taking the time to be there! For spending Countless moments with us. For all your support, your kindness and love! Thank you so much.

These last few weeks have had their challenges. And I want to thank all those in leadership from Troop 806, the district level and beyond, who are living up to there scout oath who have spent Many days and nights Visiting our family. Me and my brothers are Grateful and honored to have such amazing Leadership. You have all set the bar and example of leadership in Scouting! Thank you so much for all your service and all you do!

We also want to thank Officer Lopez with the Houston police department, for her amazing leadership And for being such an awesome mentor. As many of you know me and Avichai plan to work in law enforcement. And Avichai was so blessed to have her as part of his Eagle board! Thank you so much Officer Lopez for being part of our life, for your service and all you do!

All this to say thank you so much. To all of you for making this such a memorable and special moment. Not just for my brother. But for the whole family!

Congratulations Avichai Cohen on becoming an Eagle Scout! January 31, 2021

Shavua Tov!

Our kosher market got a new flavor of Doritos, for those who don’t know it’s like a type of Flavored corn chip. They are really delicious. If you haven’t tried them I really recommend to. They come in a few different flavors! Anyhow My brothers always have such a crazy reaction when a new flavor shows up. But thay always say nothing can ever replace there favorite snack (Bamba)

May you all have an amazing and Blessed week!

Happy Tu BiShvat,

What a beautiful and special day. So Thankful to the Almighty for all the trees and Fruits he has provided. And so thankful to share this day with my family! Me and my brothers put this epic fruit tray together to Surprise ABBA. Definitely enjoying this awesome day.


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