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Shanah Tova U'metuka, wishing you all a very blessed, happy and sweet new year! I would like to take a moment to speak to our friends, family, community and all those who have followed our journey. We are so thankful for each and everyone of you, knowing we have such a great support system means so much. There isn’t a day, week or moment that goes by that we don’t feel the love and support from each of you. The countless visitors, phone calls and cards have given me, my brothers, and father the strength, joy and so much peace. Even in the face of adversity.

As we move in to 5783 the New Year, we appreciate your continued prayers and support. May this year only bring you good health, wealth and continued happiness, May joy rain upon you each and every day!!!

From Our Unique Family to Yours❤️🩹

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

Happy Labor Day weekend!

After battling Covid and being Stuck at home. I brought my brothers On a much-needed mini vacation. Unfortunately Abba is still not feeling well. But he’s doing better than he was last week. As always so thankful to have such an amazing medical staff.

After an awesome day at Six Flags me and my brothers decided to head to the river walk Where we enjoyed the Ford Lighted parade. And I have to say it was our first time it was awesome!!! Looking Forward to another day of activities….. 

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

It has been a long week dealing with Covid and so much more! We had to rearrange therapist visits schooling etc. So thankful to have such an amazing team who all Made sure To provide essential therapeutic services even during this difficult time. Thank you all for your continued prayers. Still unsure if we have any Covid positive in the household but we are going to be getting tested likely tomorrow. In the meantime my brother did an amazing job this week and And deserved an ice cream party for all their patients as we recover. Way to go Team Cohen…….


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