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Holocaust Remembrance Day

Today is international holocaust Remembrance Day! Friends and family, today we don’t only remember the past we have in mind the future. (Am Yisrael Chai) in order for us to continue to excel. We must unite and fight against all darkness. In today’s world we have seen The unthinkable. (Even in 2020) My friends it is so easy to pass judgment and yet so difficult to see the facts. Let’s ignite our hearts with the light of Torah. Together We can end Antisemitism once and for all!!! A special thanks to the Houston Holocaust museum for such an amazing tour. And for opening your doors absolutely free On this special day. So that we will not only be reminded, However most importantly that we will never forget!!! Wishing Each and everyone of you health and happiness till 120.... #NeverAgain #StopAntiSemitism#Light

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