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A very special and personal message!

A very special and personal message! This last week has been very difficult for many families. I have been asked by Many how are we doing so well with the current situation. I really feel it’s important to emphasize and talk about the importance of mental health During this time. (first I have to say I was surprised to find out our family is so highly regarded in the foster care and adoption community I want to take a moment to thank you all) In Many training's we often talk about normalcy. As well as structure and consistency. So what does one do when all the above is interrupted. We must understand that we as parents must provide reassurance in order to create a safe and healthy mindset. As you will hear in the video Dr. Marsha really talks about the home environment and how we as parents are responsible for creating a healthy environment in every situation.We find ourselves asking what should one do To ease the stress and concern that our children are currently facing. I really want to encourage each and everyone of you to educate yourselves regarding COVID-19 and provide your children with the best understanding that you have of the virus. Remember this is all evolving there will be many changes but rest assured by talking to your children you are providing them with reassurance and understanding with what we know now. Remember that their mental health is part of their physical health. And if you see drastic change in behavior please don’t hesitate to reach out to a healthcare professional. I will be happy to provide you with some tips that we have used to ease our minds during this time. Please feel free to reach out. Wishing you all Complete health and happiness! Remember to follow your local federal and state guidelines regarding COVID-19.…/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019

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