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Mazel Tov Avshalom!!!!

Mazel Tov Avshalom!!!! Today is a very special day for this Abba!!! Right after Graduating High School Avshalom made the Decision to start college right away. As of Today Avshalom has completed his first full year of college as a full time student. And Has set a goal to Succeed. He aspires to work in law-enforcement in order to help his community. Years ago I made the decision to provide all my children with secular education as well as religious education. It was a decision that Many told me I would regret! Today with tears in my eyes I stand proud and thankful for those who encourage me to provide the best for my kiddos!! The joy the happiness and peace of mind knowing my boys will have such a bright future gives this abba true Comfort everlasting Simcha!!! I’m looking forward with the help of the almighty for much success for all my Boys! May the Almighty continue to bless you in all you do!

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