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Happy Fathers Day!!!

Although in Judaism we have a great appreciation for our parents every day. Today we add just a little more!!! Truly feeling blessed to have such amazing kiddos. Every Father’s Day it has become a tradition for me to wake up to the many gifts my kiddos have prepared in honor of Father’s Day. And every year I’m Overwhelmed with simcha. My kiddos make it a point on this day to remind me that I’m there Hero. And every year I remind them that they are the true Heroes!!! It takes a lot to go through what they have been through. And to be who they are today. I say with out a Doubt: Avshalom, Avichai, Yehuda, Shmariyah, Nachman, Pasach, Elimelech, Simcha, Yissachar, you are our heroes. You all show us we can overcome and we can be who we want to be. I feel Honored and blessed to be your ABBA!!! #Family #Adoption #FathersDay

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