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A True Thanksgiving Blessing!!!

A True Thanksgiving Blessing!!!

We are so blessed and honored to have received such an unexpected blessing! We express our greatest gratitude to Rudy & Suzy Martinez

For blessings all of us with the gift of thanksgiving!!!! Although in Judaism we give thanks and gratitude everyday. Once a year we Elevate our gratitude to new heights, By partaking in the holiday of thanksgiving.

And it’s moments like this that Truly Represent the ideals of thankfulness, the one’s of giving back to the community, not because there is a need but because it truly shows and sets forth the example of Kindness, and love for all humanity.

I have always said it takes a village. I would like to take A moment to share a little bit about our village. For years My kiddos have been seeing the same healthcare professionals. And they have been able to get to know our family very well over the years.

We have honestly come to see them as extended family. But this moment was extra special given the current situation around the world. To know someone from your orthodontist office could organize such a large gift card just because, is so heartwarming and inspiring!

And I personally want to thank each and everyone of you, who has, and is part of our Amazing and unique Village/Family! From the deepest Depths of our hearts THANK YOU!!!


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