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Abba is Recovering

He’s in Recovery!

Thank you so much for all your Continued prayers and support! Surgery yesterday again didn’t go quite as planned. I didn’t realize he was going to be in surgery so many hours. It was definitely the longest few hours of my life. It was such a relief to hear the doctor tell me he is ok and in recovery. Unfortunately They were not able to put a feeding tube in. The Incisions for the first surgery regarding his esophagus issues, Are in the same place that the feeding tube would go. The doctor didn’t want to risk any possibility of infection, So he decided to wait for these incisions to heal first. 

I feel we have A really great and amazing medical team that is working to get abba better. After they explained everything going on, I feel they are putting his best interest and safety first. 

We all definitely wish things could be faster but we’re glad that his medical team is doing everything To care for abba in the safest way possible.

A special thank you to all the medical staff at home and the hospital for being so awesome and amazing many blessings to you!

Please continue to have abba in your prayers.

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