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Back to School

My brothers and I, Started school today. We are all looking forward too an awesome an amazing year!

I want to take a moment to share and give gratitude to our father for giving us the opportunity to have such an amazing education. For so many orthodox Jews they don’t have the opportunity to have the one on one education, or the personalized education that my father insured and worked so hard for all of us to have! 

Today we are all excelling, although we all have our struggles, we have paved the way for excellence and success. Orthodox Jews are often misunderstood when it comes to education. But today I stand proudly as it is my second year of college and I am working on getting my associates degree by fall, and continue my education moving forward.

So proud of my brother he is in his first year of college. And all my brothers thereafter who are working so hard to be successful in all they do.

As our father recovers I hope one day he will look at these memories and know what an awesome and amazing job he did at raising all his children! I don’t think many of you could understand the complexity and responsibility my father took in when he provided all of us with a forever home.

But know this the joy and happiness that resonates with each and everyone of us comes from our amazing father who has dedicated his life to helping us be the best we can be. Not just providing a home but a family a real family. One that is dedicated to compassion, empathy and understanding!

There are thousands of children in foster care and even those who get the opportunity to be adopted don’t usually have the opportunity to have the success that we have. Because Finding a forever home isn’t like finding a forever family. For us we were fortunate to find the perfect forever family! All this to say we are truly blessed to have what we have. Wishing all of you an amazing and blessed school year.


Avshalom Cohen & Family 

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