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Best Hospice Care!

Speaking with Abbas medical team. We’ve come to understand that there’s good days and bad days for hospice patients. And of course we pray that he will have many more good days to come. Unfortunately this week has been a little rough. This morning During his routine visit she noticed an unusual heart arrhythmia. Obviously something we should definitely be vigilant about. One of the things We love about our particular hospice is they keep us up to date regarding things that may help or recommendations. So today we found out there may be a procedure That could help open Abbas airways a little more!  Something to think about as it would put him back in the hospital. As we continue to consider these options please keep our family in your prayers so we may Make the best decisions. May Abba have a full and speedy recovery! Special thank you to the hospice medical team for being So proactive and helpful during these times! 


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