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Dreams Do Come True

Good Erev Shabbos! Just feeling a little photo genic with my brothers. Hope you all had an amazing week. And now for the best part, the day we prepare for all week, Where Hundreds of thousands Kindle the Sabbath candles in unity and prayer, Where Jewish people throughout the world come together with family and friends in the atmosphere of joy and happiness, Such a beautiful moment when we’re enjoying such a festive and savory meal as we give thanks to the Creator for all his kindness. As you guys know our father has been battling with his health. And I wish I could express how thankful and truly blessed we all are to have our father. There really is Not enough words to describe. We are often asked, why we are always smiling and how happy we look. I can say without a doubt the river of joy that streams from us is contributed to our Abba Who has instilled in us, a great foundation that is rooted in strong faith, traditions and kindness. He has given us the best of the best. Dreams do come true. While in foster care we all wished To be adopted by anybody. We just wanted a family, Most kids don’t get to choose who their future family will be. And that’s the way it should be. But in our case being in foster care gave us the opportunity to choose the family we wanted. Today we know that all things are divine, and we are so thankful we chose our dad to be our Dad. For many they just gain parents for all of us we all gained a true family! So sorry for the rant guys. All this to say, as you say you’re prayers tonight please have our hero in mind. Wishing you all a very very good Shabbos!

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