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It’s been a Tough week

It’s been a Tough week. But I’m so proud of the boys for being so strong. Today Avshalom said (ABBA I’m taking my brothers out for the day. And I want you to enjoy a day off. No cooking no cleaning no work) As he hands me a gift card to the restaurant.

My boys are growing up so fast and I’m so thankful and proud of them. To add to that we have such an amazing community and all those who stand by us we are so grateful for all your love and support this week!

So Avshalom took his brother to the Zoo and they later had a picnic And enjoyed the outdoors. All of them say it was an awesome day! It is said nothing can be as strong as unity. And in our home, we stand United. Together we are #Family #Strong!!! Never let anyone take your joy. And remember you are #Blessed

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