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What An Awesome Day!

What an amazing experience the boys had joining nearly 100 police officers in Houston’s China Town this past Friday morning. As many of you know some of the boys are part of the Houston police explorers program. Where they actively participate on a weekly basis. When they received an invitation to this event, the boys said it’s not if we are going, it’s what do we need to reschedule to make sure we are there.

Avshalom who is now in his second year of college and planning on receiving his associates degree in the upcoming year. Is in full preparations to apply to the police academy as he meets the requirements set forth.

Upon this event, with the Cadets he was able to meet and speak to Alen Bernstein. This was a special moment, as Mr. Bernstein is one of the advocates who has paved the way for future police officers such as Avshalom and Avichai, to be able to continue to honor traditions and beliefs, by allowing our traditions to be respected and accommodated. Meaning there Payos, Tzitzit or religious beliefs won’t impede with uniform code.

I’m truly so blessed to have such amazing kiddos. It’s such a warm feeling to know that there Future careers, won’t have an affect on there Faith based needs. So proud of all my boys for preparing for there future and being proud of who they are. I have No doubt, that you will all one day succeed in the careers that you have chosen. 


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