Avshalom is currently 20 years old. He is in his 2nd year of Collage. To occupy his summer as well add to his résumé he joined the fire Academy. This is also assisting him in completing the hours required, to begin the application process of becoming a police officer for the Houston Police Department. He’s also looking forward to receiving his associates degree in the fall and continue in his education, as he pursues his dream Career as a police officer. His hobbies are Table Tennis and Baseball as well as music. He currently plays the Guitar And Flute. And is fluent in three languages (Hebrew Yiddish and English) Avshalom is looking forward to learning ESL He enjoys helping others and aspires to be a Social Worker in the Police Force .

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Avichai is currently 18 years old. He is Currently in the 12th grade. His Hobbies include Baseball as well as reading and writing He enjoys Boy Scouts as well as Police Explores. Avichai also plays the violin. And is fluent in three language's Hebrew English and Yiddish. Avichai loves his religious studies and has expressed his interest in Becoming a law enforcement office. 


Yehuda Baruch

Yehuda Baruch is Currently 17 Years old. He is currently in the 11th Grade. His Hobbies include Soccer as well as reading he loves Boy Scouts as well as The Police Explores. Yehuda also enjoys playing outdoors on his bike and at the park. Yehuda also speaks 3 language's Hebrew English and Yiddish He has Expressed Interest in writing children's books as well as being a teacher.     


Shmariyahu Yair

Shmariyahu is currently 16 years old. And is in the 11th Grade. His Hobbies include Soccer as well as working out He loves the out doors. And enjoys the Boy Scouts as well as the Police Explores. Shmariyahu also speaks 3 language's Hebrew English and Yiddish. He truly has a passion for animals and science. And has a desire to be a scientist or herpetologist.    


      Nachman Medad

Nachman is currently 15 years old. And in the 9th Grade. He has expressed a desire to help the homeless and hopes to one day have a shelter to help those in need. He also enjoys sports in his free time. And often organizes football games with his brothers. Friends often refer to him as hart of gold. As he has a very kind heart.    


      Elimelech Fishel

Elimelech is 13 years old. And is currently in the 7th grade. He really loves fishing and outdoor activity's. His main passion is Religious study's. We often find Elimelech studying Torah throughout the day. He also enjoys building tints and riding his bike.       


     Pasach Lior

Pasach is currently 14 years old. And in the 8th grade. He is all boy. He really enjoys roughhousing and using his imagination. He and Yissachar can often be seen running around the house with capes shouting 'superhero to the rescue'. He has an amazing and giddy kiddo! He is Also Currently a Boy Scout Pasach has created a soft spot in all of our hearts!          


Simcha Yitzhak

Simcha is currently 9 years old. He is in 4th Grade. And recently mastered riding his bike. He enjoys playing with his bigger brothers and often joins them in their activities. He is currently a Tiger in the Cub Scouts.  Simcha is very smart and enjoys socializing.   


Yissachar Yomtov

Yissachar is currently 7 years old. And currently in 2nd grade. He is all boy and loves playing with his cars and toys. He also enjoys playing at the park. Yissachar is the youngest in the house and likes to be in charge!!! he is currently learning his letters and colors as well as shapes. Although he is a beginner he truly enjoys learning.    

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