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Team Cohen At it Again!

(Team Cohen at it again)

When the opportunity arises to do a Mitzvah, you can always count on me and my brothers. Today was Another awesome and amazing day! We Where able to go back out to the ranch To do some more composting, In preparation for the new harvest. This amazing organization does so much. Aside from harvesting this food they donate it to food banks which intern provide it to those in need. 

It’s not often that we see people in this world doing such kind acts. Volunteering not only there time but also resource To such good deeds. For us it was an Honor and blessing to be a part of such kindness. May the Almighty continue to Bless them for all they do.

Aside from all that we were able to enjoy some football and baseball and really we had such a great time just running around. Every boys dream to have Acres of land to run around. Hope everyone’s having an amazing day wishing you all peace and blessings. 

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