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This winter break has been a bit different, we decided to make different types of carnival foods.   and had a blast doing arts and crafts with our younger brothers. As always praying that Abba will have a full and speedy recovery. Definitely missing the joy and happiness he brings to every occasion. Wishing each and everyone of you a very blessed and prosperous week. Happy winter break! 😀😀😀

Well the secular new year is off to a unique start. Unfortunately, everyone in the household tested positive for the flu and strep throat. We’ve taken so many preventative steps, so it’s kind of surprising. We did talk to our physician and of course she let us know that the vaccines are there to help. However they don’t always prevent. Of course, we are extremely concerned about Abba, as he has an extremely weak immune system and respiratory issues. Nevertheless, we’re all in good spirits some of us feeling better than others.

We appreciate all the prayers and support. Wishing you all only good health.

🕎Happy Chanukah 🕎

What a special night! The joy of Chanukah is descending as we kindle the candles. In doing so, we have had all of you in mind. For your love and kindness you have shown our family! This year has definitely had its ups and downs.  So much could be said. But the amount of light that has been shared, brings us nothing more than joy and happiness. May the Chanukah light continue to guide us through the year and bring only good things.  sending good vibes, your way peace, love, joy, and happiness. 


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