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Shavua Tov, Sending good vibes your way. Be Happy, Be Proud, Be You! Begin your week with Joy and happiness. Remember that you are blessed. May this week bring you all peace, joy, love and kindness! 💙✡️🙌

When your brother is literally turning into a Chef. So the weather in Houston is a bit cold and expected to get colder. Avichai decided to bake some pumpkin pies, which turned into making baked Potatoes with spaghetti Which led him to make some mixed vegetables that he says will accompany the dish.

All this to say our Casual Thursday afternoon lunch Was so delicious. So we decided any time is cold, Avichai will be doing the cooking. Please be safe as the winter weather arrives. Take this time to enjoy some time in the kitchen, and with the family!

Happy Thursday

Avshalom & Family


As you know my father often refer to the word blessed. But over the last few years me and my brothers have had the true opportunity to know what this means. Because of all of you.

Being the most amazing community ever, there has never been a moment that we as a family Lacked the support we need in moments like this!

Thank you all so much for being a friend when needed. For listening, for being there, for being part of our life, and most of all for being so amazing!

Rebbe Nachman of Breslov says it’s a Mitzvah to be happy. And the joy and happiness that is Resonating upon us now, is all in part because of such beautiful Mitzvahs that are taking place because of you.

A very special thank you to Linda Freedman Block & family for blessings us today. We feel honored to have you as part of our life!

#Blessed #Community #YouAreAwesome


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