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Hatzalah Houston

These last few months has been so crazy regarding my fathers medical health. And we have learned the importance of having the EMT near by. It’s so comforting to know that Houston has such an amazing Hatzalah team that can assist us with our Cultural an medical needs. This week they are having a fundraiser to help continue there amazing work here in Houston!

Please use this link to donate, thank you! https://hatzalahthon.com/houston/jhype#stats

Yehuda Baruch, Shmariyahu Yair & Nachman Medad!

Covid delayed the boys from getting the Drivers License sooner. But All there patience paid off. Not only did they get there DL today Nachman got his drivers permit. So now we have a total of 5 teen drivers in the house ! So excited for them may they only merit success. I thought it was really amazing after they remodeled the office near us. They added a DL photo booth so we were able to take the awesome photos below.

This month is filled with so much Simcha/Joy. A Bar Mitzvah and now celebrating Two other birthdays. As you know some of the boys are in the Houston police explorer program. And Nachman and Pasach really see's them as one of their heroes, So the boys arranged for the officers to come by and be part of Nachman & Pasach special day. Such a special moment. The birthday boys have been bragging all day about how the Officers came to sing happy birthday with their lights on and for a brief moment their sirens.

We express our gratitude and appreciation to Officer Lopez & Officer Chan for accommodating this special birthday. Over the years you have been a Phenomenal mentor to the boys. They are truly blessed to be part of such an amazing Post! Thanks for all you do.


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