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Happy Tu BiShvat,

What a beautiful and special day. So Thankful to the Almighty for all the trees and Fruits he has provided. And so thankful to share this day with my family! Me and my brothers put this epic fruit tray together to Surprise ABBA. Definitely enjoying this awesome day.

(Shavua Tov)

A big MAZEL TOV to Avshalom!

For being officially Conferred into the national society of leadership and success. He such an awesome example to all of us. We love you big brother keep up the good work.

As we are celebrating today. Me and my brothers We’re talking, about how blessed we are to have such an amazing father, who has imparted to us the importance of Higher education, both secularly and spiritually.

I would like to take a moment to share a very personal but important part of our life. Upon adoption many of us had very poor secular education. In our time in foster care, as well as our previous upbringing we didn’t get the necessary encouragement or support Needed to succeed.

And to go from that to our forever home, Where every need is met with love and kindness, Honestly has no words. As you all know, our father has been extremely dedicated to our every need. Whether or not it compromises his faith. He has dedicated his life, To ensuring that we will have the best future possible. So we also want to say thank you Abba for being such an amazing father. We are so blessed to have you.

(Shavua Tov)

As most of you know me and my brothers favorite snack is Bamba! And my brothers are always singing and dancing to this song LOL ! There’s literally never a dull moment in Cohen household! I Thought I would share this video that we made. I hope it brings you all a smile as we begin this amazing week.


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